Working Groups

There are multiple working groups meeting on Thursday, March 24th, following the full 3-day program of the Symposium. Most of these groups have set rosters, but we are still exploring possibilities of having working groups open to all attendees meeting on this day as well. As you are planning your travel, be aware that you may not need to attend this fourth day of the event, and may want to have specific plans for meetings before planning to do so. We will also have a roster of NatCap staff on hand for sandbox/project support/software advice on Thursday. We will publicize a list of the project support times on this page. Please check back again soon.

Open Working Groups:

1) Natural Capital Accounting

Natural capital accounting (NCA) is an extension of the System of National Accounts (SNA), which is designed to account for the nature’s value in national economic accounts (i.e., GDP). NCA both highlights the contribution of nature to items already included in GDP and adds additional ecosystem service values not already included to GDP. Groups such as the World Bank’s Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) program, the U.N. Statistics Division, and NGO and academic partners are working to advance the practice of NCA in countries’ decision making. Major steps to mainstream NCA include: 1) pilot testing the NCA in a series of countries while training government agencies in NCA, 2) institutionalizing the use of NCA in government decision making and that of multilateral development institutions such as the World Bank, 3) contributing to the ongoing scientific development of NCA standards, and 4) building regional communities of practice where countries with more experience in NCA can train their peers within the region. In this session we will illustrate how modelers can contribute to international NCA efforts and how this approach can add visibility to ecosystem service assessments and value to large-scale decision making.

More on the differences between ecosystem service analysis and NCA is here; information on the World Bank’s WAVES Program is here.

Who should attend the session? We are looking for participants with experience in ecosystem services modeling and an interest in using this information to inform national economic accounts. If you want more information, or would like to join this working group, please email Robert Griffin, Economist, Natural Capital Project.