Hosted by the Natural Capital Project (NatCap) at Stanford University, the 2016 Natural Capital Symposium will be a major convening of leaders in natural capital approaches around the world. We are coordinating with international and domestic groups focusing on natural capital approaches, to ensure that the growing community of practice around natural capital approaches continues to engage, learn, and adapt.

This event will foster and support our community of practice as we all take on the work of bringing ecosystem services into policy and decision making, by building capacity, sharing success stories and lessons learned, and advancing work in use cases around the world. The Natural Capital Symposium takes place across three simultaneous tracks:

The Pathways to Impact track at this year’s Symposium will highlight engagements where ecosystem services (ES) information has had an impact on a decision, a stakeholder process, or an outcome. This track will focus on engagements that address a real policy window in collaboration with local stakeholders, and where it can be demonstrated – or at least there is good reason to believe – that the ES information will be used to inform decisions.

The Learning Exchange will feature in-progress, theoretical, and experimental work, still on the way to finding its impact. Using dynamic formats, these sessions are designed to maximize information sharing between participants.

The Training Track is a 3-day course in the NatCap Approach and our primary software tools (InVEST, RIOS, and OPAL), for those who have limited to no prior experience with our approach and tools.

Attendees are encouraged to pick and choose which sessions they attend, across all three tracks. One could, for example take a deep-dive with an InVEST model in the Training Track, but then move to a Pathways to Impact panel and follow that by joining a Learning Exchange on another topic.

Please peruse the rest of this site to find more information about the schedule of events, to submit your abstracts, and to register for this exciting event!

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